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OnBalance Outdoor, formerly known as Commute Connect, LLC, features a unique collection of inspired commuter transit solutions that are exciting to ride, good for the environment, and portable. These personal transit products have been recently invented or created by talented USA inventors and have been safely used in Asia and Europe, or the United States for the last few years. OnBalance is among the first retail stores to feature many of these products in one store. This allows us to provide our customers with a chance to comparison shop and to experience the thrill of riding a unique product prior to making the purchase.   One would be more likely to find some of these products in Oregon, Washington, California or New York, but now you have the opportunity to discover them in Highland Park, Illinois.

No more stolen bikes!

Make your commute to work or to the coffee shop fun and efficient. No more parking and no more worrying about a stolen bike. Just pick it up and walk it indoors. You now have a commuter companion, which as a conversation starter is “better than a puppy”!
Taxi and parking fees not required!

While our folding bikes are great for the commute, they are also popular to take on vacation. We packed our electric powered products as carry-on luggage in airplanes. This gives “vacation” a whole set of new experiences as taxis may not be required.

Stay in shape!

Some may say that they would rather walk for their health than ride one of these unique products. We fully encourage all sorts of exercise. However, these products require core strength to ride and a blend of mind and body to balance and regulate. While it’s not the same sort of exercise, it’s core exercise and adds the thrill of the ride.

Unique Accessories

Stop in our store to see magical hand-painted helmets, by Belle Helmets, and a variety of handmade leather-and-wood bike accessories (such as a six-pack carrier and U-lock holder) by Walnut Studiolo.

Consultative sales and Service!

Our customers receive consultation in selecting their style of transportation and receive prompt service when required. We make it our business to know our products and the technology inside-out. We believe that our business is first about happy customers enjoying life, and secondly to deliver the best possible, green product. 

Come See OnBalance Outdoor! It is an experience you won’t forget!

At the Highland Park Renaissance Center, 1849 Green Bay Road, Suite 167, Highland Park, IL 60035 (across the street from Sunset Foods)

About Us

On Balance Outdoor, formerly Commute Connect, provides alternative, fun personal transit devices that are both green and fun! We provide electric and human powered devices and accessories. These include uncycles, folding bikes, and adult push scooters, and others. Come to our Highland Park store to check out alternatives you many never have imagined.

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